Independent Association of Barnstormers
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The Independent Association of Barnstormers (IAB) is a loosely formed group of flyers and enthusiasts who believe that the fun, excitement, and romance of flying that was present in the 1920's and 30's should remain a part of flying today. The IAB is for those who choose to fly old or amateur built aircraft without much more than a map and the seat of their pants to guide them. The IAB is for those who are willing to share their knowledge, experience, and love of flight to help perpetuate the Spirit of Barnstorming.

"What is Barnstorming?" A valid question in these times of regulations and ever advancing technology. Barnstorming today, of course, cannot be the wild "devil-may-care" endeavor it once was, nor should it be. However, the fun and excitement can remain as should the skills and confidence gained from truly learning to fly an airplane that demands complete attention. The cockpit of such an airplane is no place for a pilot who would lie to himself.

To a Barnstormer, flying is an important part of life. Not merely an efficient way to get from point A to point B. Flying, for the Barnstormer, is part of his soul. Generally, these flyers - who cannot help what they are, can be found around small airports and grass strips flying the fabric covered tube, wood, and wire airplanes. They fly for the sole purpose of flight. To savor and keep alive the freedom and romance so often lacking with the newer technologically encumbered airplanes found in today's aviation.

Charles Lindberg foresaw that the airplanes of the present day would outwit most of the natural hazards against which the pilot had to contend. He said; "The more sophisticated the technology of flight, the less emotion it would evoke." After all, for the Barnstormer, emotion is the larger part of flying.

Barnstorming is realizing that there is so much more to flying than straight and level, constant rate turns, and concrete runways. Barnstorming is flying to nowhere in particular and taking all day to get there. It's learning about flying and yourself and storing that knowledge in the seat of your pants. It's flying to out-of-the-way grass strips and exchanging ideas, visions, and knowledge with other flyers who know of the magical part of your world that is the sky.

"Who is a Barnstormer?" A flyer whose idea of the past and hope for the future is that the sky will always remain free. A flyer who is always quick with a smile, a story, and a helping hand. A flyer who will never lose the feel of the air nor the passion for flying the old airplanes. A flyer that knows that there is a way of life that is full of adventure, excitement, and great freedom.

Many believe that more regulation and controlled airspace is the answer to better aviation safety. WE DO NOT!

Some may suggest the idea of barnstorming, barnstormers, and the kind of flying they represent should no longer exist. WE DO NOT!

As long as the freedom to choose exists, Barnstorming will remain alive and well!