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O.K.   Let's start you off with a video that kinda sums it up. It's titled "Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome Tribute".
I like this because it showcases Cole Palen's 'Flying Museum' out in Rhinebeck NY.

About 35 seconds into the video, Scott MacKenzie describes flying in the vintage airplanes - his statement really captures it well.

Note: As you watch the airplanes flying and landing, notice the trees in the background. These guys fly in some wind!

There's a second video here that shows more flying and fun at Old Rhinebeck.

The third video is a brief history of Bernard Pietenpol's home-built design - by Grant MacLaren

Props to contributors; skywaysdotnet, Staseman and gmaclaren for the videos.

Here are some pictures I have collected from some Dawn Patrols around Michigan:

Early Arrival Outlaw II Blue and Orange Stearman Cabin with Class PT-22 Formation Fun Open cockpit rides for kids